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We will skyrocket your personal
brand with high impact video editing

Let us help you transform your video content into a consistent inbound traffic machine.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

"His work stood out.... storytelling was absolutely great, pacing was great...his own social media and YouTube as well.""The end product was absolutely brilliant. Really, really good.""Definitely will continue working with him."

- Mo Samuels, YouTuber

Transforming Short-Form Content for a fitness coach

We took over the short-form content for a fitness coach and with high-impact video editing, increased the views on YouTube by 4054% and got 170% more profile visits on Instagram with multiple viral shorts and reels.

you are meant to stand out

Stop Settling for Average Edits

Based on our experience with 20+ clients, there are major problems they face that hold them back from growing. Does it sound like you?

  • Not everyone has the time or interest to learn high-impact video editing, so they lack the skill to make 'sick' edits, a basic requirement to stand out these days.

  • Even if they can edit well, they are not able to retain the audience throughout their videos thus impacting their reach and engagement

  • With planning, scripting, recording videos, posting, and running businesses on the backend, they have no time to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and new trends and they feel overwhelmed and left behind.

not just regular video editing

We Simply Know What it Takes to
Excel Using Video Content

Go Viral

We constantly keep up with the algorithm changes on all platforms. So whether it is YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, we know what it takes to go viral and grow consistently.

100% Retention

We take pride in editing to retain audience attention as it is the #1 key metric to succeed across all platforms.We do so through crisp edits, sounds, cuts, captions and whatever it takes to keep those eyes your videos.

Ride the Trends

Extensive audience and competitor research to map out the trends both in video topics and style within your niche.

What Working With Us Looks Like

Here's our smooth and seamless process:


Discovery Call

A quick 15 min call to see how we can help you grow and if we are the right fit for each other.
We also decide on project details if needed.


Audience Research

We first start with researching your audience, and your competitors and analyzing your top-performing videos. We also gather the most recent trends within your niche and share all of that with you so that assists you in idea generation and scripting videos as well.


Brand Asset Creations

We then create specific brand assets for you which can be used for all your video related platforms.


Editing and Delivery

Remember, this is also about easing your time. You just have to record the videos and we take it on and apply our editing magic. Although editing is an iterative process but we strive for perfection on the first edit itself. After the edit we will deliver the videos to you for you to post and skyrocket your growth.

We realize each client and project have different needs, so our process can be catered specifically for you.

the best part...

Our Offer For You

Attention really is the new 'oil'. Those who manage to garner attention simply win.But the reality is attention spans are getting lower and lower, and the only way to get more eyeballs on your content is to be the best.I have been in this space for almost 5 years now. I have seen countless personal brands and 'influencers' go down in views and lose a lot of money within weeks.The only way to stay and win in the video content game is by thoroughly understanding the algorithm, and the new trends, making high-quality professional edits, good storytelling and pacing in the video, and always catering to your niche.And that's exactly what we do for you.
Make top-notch long-form and short-form video edits for you.
The one that deserves millions of views for each video.
I understand if it seems a lot for you but how about we do a test run? We will edit your first video for free, and if you do not like it and it doesn't get more views than your average content does, we refund all your money back?We love working with content creators and entrepreneurs in the self-development niche in health, wealth, and relationships.So if that sounds interesting to you and you are ready to take your edits to the next level, and skyrocket your personal brand to an inbound traffic machine, book a quick call below.